Why ombody.yoga?

The name ombody.yoga refers to the process, through Yoga, of becoming aware of ourselves on a vibrational level. Life is vibrational energy, and we are all made of life. At its most basic level, life vibrates as the sound of Om.


Before Yoga, I didn’t know myself from the inside:  I was caught up in what I thought others thought and felt about me. Yoga has taught me to tune into the sensations in my body as it breathes, moves, and stretches. It has taught me to trust and respond to feedback from my own felt-experience, to become ever-more embodied in my practice and everyday life. Yoga is teaching me that I’m more than just flesh-and-bones, more than a chattering mind, that I am Life pulsing as Life, vibrating as Om. It is returning me to a feeling of naturalness, and, with that, joyfulness.

Everything is Om. My body is Om.  Your body is Om. Yoga is the method we have to discover and rediscover this underlying truth. We all forget we are Om and get distracted by our separateness. With regular yoga practice, it becomes undeniable that we are vibrational beings, alive and evermore attuned to our aliveness.

Yoga brings us home to our body and to a deep appreciation of who we really are.  Living Yoga is a systematic practice for this to occur in a sustainable way.  Living Yoga classes at ombody.yoga begin 5th June 2018.



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